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About Rootie

     I'm Rootie...

As a Southern girl, born and bred, my family put a lot of importance on food.  The six of us were always together at suppertime around the table, and those memories, along with my love of cooking, inspired me to bring my Mom’s pickle recipe to others.  


For many years, I made a corporate career in the staffing industry.  Although I enjoyed the challenges and the people in that business, I decided to create an adventure in the world of pickles.  My Mom passed away quite some years ago and I miss her every single day.  She is definitely the inspiration for Rootie’s, and would be thrilled that I have created a company in her honor and as a tribute to her full life, gregarious personality, and loving heart.  So, with my trademark ponytail (my favorite “do”), I am busy making these same pickles for you!



Many people have asked me how I came up with the name “Rootie”.  Again, back to Mom, who used to call me Rootie Kazootie, I never knew why.  All four of us kids had nicknames, and that was mine.  One day, my husband was saying goodbye to me and said “See you later, Rootie Kazootie!”  Stunned, I asked him why he called me that, as Mom had already passed when he and I met.  He told me he didn’t know, it just came out.  Mom must have been sending messages from heaven (where I am sure she is playing golf and planning dances).

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“My Pickles are a Really Big Dill!”

As a supporter of local businesses and organizations, Rootie's Pickles funds a membership to Georgia Museums, Inc. supporting the Booth Museum of Western Art, the Tellus Science Museum, the Bartow County History Museum, and the Savoy Car Museum.

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